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  1. Japan Eye Genetics Consortium

  2. Asia Eye Genetics Consortium

  3. East Asia Inherited Retinal Disease Studies

  4. USA-UK-Japan Trilateral Collaborative Research Project

  5. UK-Japan Collaborative Research Project

  6. Chile-Japan Collaborative Research Project

  7. ProgStar Studies

  8. Global Stargardt Studies

  9. Development of novel therapies for Inherited Retinal Disease


  1. Establishment of extended standard protocol of full-field electroretinography

  2. Application of focal macular electroretinography for acquired retinal diseases

   3. Development of novel approaches for assessment of visual function


   1. Discovery of ancestor of inherited retinal diseases

   2. Haplotype determination of ancestor branches of inherited retinal disease

Application of artificial intelligence

   1. Application of AI to support diagnosis of inherited retinal disease

   2. Application of AI to support diagnosis of common ocular disorders

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